Midwest Pool & Spa – Pool and Spa Supplies

Nothing is as refreshing as jumping into a pool in the middle of a hot summer day, and it’s even better when that pool is in your own backyard. At Midwest Pool and Spa we want to make sure that your pool or spa is ready to enjoy. We stock the pool and spa supplies in Springfield, MO you need to maintain or repair your pool. If you have a question about any of our products, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (417) 888-2340.

Your Next Above Ground Pool in Springfield, MO

If you want to have a pool in your backyard, the easiest solution is to choose an above ground pool. We sell Embassy Pools in Springfield, MO, which are high quality, affordable pools made in the USA. We stock the Sterling line of Embassy Pools which feature 9” steel wrap-around top rails and verticals, a 52” pool wall, and a 20-year limited warranty. We have many different sizes and price-points to choose from.

Pool and Spa Maintenance

Maintaining a pool can be a lot of work, but we have the pool supplies in Springfield, MO to help you keep the water clean and as refreshing as the first day it was installed. Your pool pump and pool filter system are the heart of your pool, keeping the water circulating through the filters so that leaves, insects, and other debris get trapped where they belong. We carry many different pool pumps and Doughboy pool parts in Springfield, MO needed to repair them if they break. We also carry test strips so you can maintain the chlorine or salt levels in your pool to optimum levels. When you’re ready to close it up for the winter, we have what you need to make sure it’s ready to open with as little work as possible next year.

We also carry spa supplies in Springfield, MO such as blowers, test strips, controls, filters, and more. These parts will help keep your spa in good repair so you can enjoy your hot tub year-round.

Looking for Pool Safety Covers in Springfield, MO

It’s important to keep your pool safe while you’re not using it. That’s why we stock and sell pool safety covers in Springfield, MO. We carry winter pool safety covers in many sizes that are high quality and offer a multi-year warranty. Check out our selection to get started.